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Club Intimate Launches New Website

Club IntimateThe new website is now launched. It was launched yesterday (8 September) at around 8:00pm AEST. It took about 3 hours to complete the launch process, this also included migration of user data from the existing site to the new site. No major issues were encountered. Users were able to login and use Club Intimate as they usually do.

Since the launch however, we have been engaged in the quality control process to make sure that all functionalities are working as they should. There are some known minor issues which we think will be resolved this week.

The engineering team was working till late last night and I thank them for all their efforts. This has been a long road but a major milestone has been achieved.

In my view this is the start of the journey. From next week we will start working on marketing and promotion of Club Intimate. Over time I have come up with some unique marketing concepts and will put them into practice soon.

I would also like to thank you Club Intimate members for their support and well wishes. Without their support this major milestone wasn’t possible.