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Twitter’s Success was Predicted in 2006

TwitterIn 2006, 747 Media conducted a feasibility study for Twitter, asking people in the streets if they would use it. They were shown the Twitter website, and were given a basic rundown of the text-to-phone and text-to-website options.

See the video below for what people have to say if they would use such a service and how they would use it.


Fall of Google

google-logoSean Parker, Managing Partner of Founder’s Fund, gave a presentation entitled “The New Era of The Network Service” at Web 2.0 Summit 2009. In his presentation, Sean tries to prove the point that in the next decade ‘network services’ like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will dominate the World Wide Web as compare to ‘information services’ like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I totally agree with Sean on this. Whilst there will always bee a need for information and data, the real value is provided to people by providing platforms that help connect people and build relationships. This is the core value of Club Intimate as well.

Below is the full slide deck of Sean’s presentation.

Sean Parker’s Web 2.0 Summit Presentation